Markix vs. BuiltWith

Are you getting low-quality results with BuiltWith? Many users report false results. Markix also has better support, a more flexible API and offers realtime data.

Find out more about why marketers, sales and developers are choosing Markix.

100% accurate results!
Precise, custom queries
Excellent Support
Realtime Data

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BuiltWith results are unreliable.
This is a quote about how difficult it is to work
with BuiltWith. The results are just wrong!
Sophie Moore
CEO at Webflow Agency

100% Accurate Results

We'll just say it. BuiltWith isn't famous for delivering accurate results.

Don't take our word for it, just see what others have to say. Some users have found BuiltWith results to be so unreliable.

If you find our results to be inaccurate we'll give you your money back.

Precise, custom queries

More is possible with Markix.

Markix supports very specific, niche queries.

Want to know every specialty coffee seller in the UK? Or how many ______, _____ ? No problem. Our team is standing by to help you build the query in case you need help.

This is a quote about how precise,
custm queries are more possible with Markix.
Saumik Tewari
The support rocks! They are willing to hop on the phone with me and my team at the drop of a hat.
Leila Yari

Excellent Support

Need help?

Chat with someone who actually built the product. You can literally interrupt us while we're working and that's fine with us. We don't believe in putting our users in touch with AI or an outsourced help-center.

Reach out to us from within the app and start the conversation. Don't have your account ready yet? Head to our contact page.

Real time alerts for key events

Want to know as soon as a a new company drifts into your search criteria? We've got that.

Markix tells you when key events happen across the internet within hours of them happening. If timeliness is something you care about, there isn't a better solution.

Real time opportunity signals really changed things for us. We knew we were reaching out to people at the right moment. Timing can be everything.
Fahim Aziz