Scan the internet for fresh leads and key events

Get better leads. Understand when valuable events happen.
At the scale of the entire freaking internet.


Real-Time Notifications for Opportunity Signals

Receive instant updates when key things happen: a potential customer installs a complementary product or they start a trial with a competitor.

Find better prospects

Use very niche targeting to find more target customers. Work with us to define a custom query, no matter how specific.

Discover fresh sales prospects using precise criteria

Find new sales prospects and enrich data through precise or broad criteria

What tools are being used?
Specific industry segmentation
Other custom data and criteria

Monitor Opportunity Signals in real time

Be notified in Slack or the moment key things happen anywhere on the internet.

Starts trial with a competitor
Drifts into your target customer profile
Installed complementary product
Raised a round of new funding

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Identify technologies used on millions of websites

Easily find all companies that are using a given technology.

Understand a product's growth and userbase

Research the market by understanding trends and growth rates of your chosen technologies.

Create precise queries and stay notified

Create specific queries. Get notified as soon as someone drifts into your query parameters!